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A Family Yoga studio, the only one of its kind in Brooklyn - offering Yoga and Creative Movement classes for all children.
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MDY Storefront

ABC 7 NY, Eyewitness News:
Monkey Do! Yoga brings children’s yoga to Brooklyn

“Yoga can sharpen your ability to focus and even improve your athleticism, and now, some parents are signing up their children for classes in hopes of giving them an edge on their way to adulthood.”

Five new and newly renovated play spaces to check out

“Kiddos can perfect their tree pose, baby cobra and downward dog at this sweet new studio made just for families.”

Mommy Poppins
Great Party Spots in Brooklyn for Baby’s First Birthday

“The studio is bright and spacious with a gorgeous backyard, plus it has stroller parking and plenty of tables and chairs on hand (not to mention a pro party planner who’s available to help you out)”

Mommy Nearest
8 Best Yoga Studios for Kids in New York City

“Toddler sessions, “Mini Monkeys” drop-off playgroups, and mommy and me programs are the most popular types of classes at this new Brooklyn studio. There’s even a private outdoor space that’s perfect for open play and events!”

Yoga Digest
Monkey Do! Yoga’s Offerings and History

“It’s for EVERYbody. Yoga teaches us to be comfortable where we are, in the skin we’re in. Children learn where their individual level is and challenge themselves slowly working to move past that – both physically and mentally. So everyone has the ability to say ‘I can do this’ and see themselves progress.”

Mommy Poppins
Strike a Pose at Monkey Do! Yoga in Brooklyn

“The moment my daughter and I walked into Monkey Do! Yoga, smiles spread across both of our faces. The space was colorful, light-filled and inviting, and the instructors friendly and welcoming. Newcomers are greeted at the door while a handful of happy kids run around awaiting class. And the fun hadn’t even begun.”

Monkey Do Yoga Founder, Marni Sandler, Brings Her Experience in Children’s Digital Media Offline

“I think of yoga as a toolkit for kids – its gives them the opportunity to self-regulate. They learn how to get the energy out when they have a little too much, to raise it up when they’re feeling blah and to bring calm and focus when they’re anxious or scattered.”

Red Tricycle:
Just Opened!: A New Family Yoga Studio

“Whether you want to introduce your tot to some fun new poses or turn your weekly yoga class into a family affair, Monkey Do! is worth the trip.”

Brooklyn Magazine:
Stressed Out New York Babies Now Have Their Own Yoga Studio

“Monkey Do! was founded by Marni Sandler, who is a mother herself and yoga teacher. Her vision was to create a space that made exercise fun for the youngest Brooklyn residents who, more than they know, are working overtime to push away stresses of jammed packed schedules, family tensions, heavy-loads of homework, and brains tethered to electronics. Plus, Monkey Do! performs a real service with its classes for special needs kids, many of whom benefit in untold ways from activities like yoga.”

Fit Bottomed Mamas – Raising Babies without going crazy:
Yoga Poses for Kids — And You!

“The saying goes, monkey see … monkey do — and that couldn’t be more true than with kids. What you do, they want to do. So why not do some yoga, together?”

Mindful Studio Magazine
Monkey See, Monkey Do! Yoga

“The color scheme and the general design and look of the place is very fun, so kids get excited when they’re in here…”

The Playground
Mindful Matters – the Science and Fun behind Kids’ Yoga

Research has shown that with regular practice, yoga makes us more resilient under stress.

YogaCity NYC
New Studio Opening: Monkey Do! Yoga – A Studio Tailor-Made For Kids

“Kids and their caregivers are delighted by the colorful interior and a wall shelved with toy props. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors create a visually open space and encourage kids to be comfortable in their bodies. The studio also boasts a backyard, where classes and events will be held in warmer weather.”

Kidz Central Station
Head of the Class Mom: Marni Sandler

“Meet this week’s Head of the Class Mom, Marni Sandler—owner of Monkey Do! Yoga—and mom to an amazing daughter!”

Park Slope Stoop:
Child’s Pose Experts: Monkey Do! Family Yoga Studio Opens On 3rd Avenue

“The space is squeaky clean and inviting, with plenty of room for the kids to spread out. But there is also an intimacy and comfort to the environment as well.”

Kids Yoga Daily:
Habla yoga? Brooklyn kids’ studio offers bi-lingual classes

“Yoga is permeating America almost as quickly as is the Spanish language. To help kids tackle both, a Spanish-infused class called, Yoga Para You!, is included in the lineup at Monkey Do! Yoga, a kids and family yoga studio, which opened this month in Brooklyn, New York.”

Red Tricycle:
Wee Here Now: Where Kids Can Practice Mindfulness in NYC

“Research has found that mindfulness practice can improve sleep, decrease anxiety and depression, and increase social and academic functioning in kids (and adults), among other benefits.”

Explore Brooklyn:
Brooklyn Yoga for kids

“A growing number of parents are turning to the same remedy for their children that they use for their own well-being: yoga.”

Kickboxing, Kids Yoga and UFC Gym Coming to Park Slope and Gowanus

“There are kids yoga classes in other places here and there, but there’s really nothing else like this where the studio is dedicated to kids”

279 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY • Between President and Carroll